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Sunflower Field

Free Resources

Download: Core Attachment Needs Handout

A handout describing five core attachment needs that drive internal and relational security.

Podcast: The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema Bryant

I love how clinical psychologist Dr. Thema offers compassion, validation, and advice for a wide variety of concerns.

Podcast: The Parenting Presence

For parents or those trying to empathize with their kid selves, Julia Pappas provides a gentle and thoughtful way to appreciate psychological development in children.

Book: Not the Price of Admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma

Clinical psychologist Dr. Laura S. Brown writes directly to the reader in this beautiful book. I think it is a wonderful resource for anyone who feels stumped by the question of what to expect in healthy connections.

Download: List of Personal Values

This list of personal values can help generate a set of guiding principles (consider choosing five or six) for major and minor life decisions.

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