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Attachment Resources

Attachment theory is one of my favorite lenses through which to view our human suffering and flourishing. Scientists and clinicians who study "attachment" are those who pay attention to the profound role that relationships, especially in our first few years, play in human development. The nature and particulars of our early relationships influence how we learn to think, feel, make sense of reality, and of course how we relate to others down the line. Attachment security is one of the keys to balanced self-esteem.

Modern attachment work is interdisciplinary, constantly being updated, and applicable to everyone. The way I make sense of this material involves no blaming of parents, but rather a deep attention to the first-person perspective of the developing human, and compassion for the people who raised that human while carrying their own attachment history. Attachment insecurity is influential in the development of a whole range of mental health struggles (for example, anxiety, addictions, BPD, psychosis), and yet I love that these principles are non-pathologizing, and that they go deep into the process of why people act, think, feel, and relate how they do.

I'm actively adding resources here-- if there's anything you'd like more of, feel free to send me a message. 

Free Resources

Writing, worksheets, and handouts available for download.

Image by Anita Austvika
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