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I am committed to helping those who seek greater understanding, connection, and stability in relationships with self and others. Specialty areas include social anxiety, attachment, BPD spectrum, trauma, depression, and interpersonal conflict.

Depending on patients' needs and preferences, I emphasize different approaches in therapy. I consider multiple layers of human life, including the developmental, relational, behavioral, cultural, and spiritual. I learn from my clients/patients, trusted supervisors, empirical and theoretical writers, and my own experience.

The focus of my practice is integrative individual psychotherapy and I primarily draw from psychodynamic, interpersonal, attachment-oriented, and cognitive/behavioral approaches (including ACT, DBT, CBT). My background in mindfulness also informs therapy. Above all, I think my job is to listen to you really well, while bringing curiosity, challenge, and kindness toward your unique human experience.

I strive to make my practice accessible to all, and invite questions and concerns about how I might be able to serve someone with your unique background and identities.

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I earned my B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont. During my doctoral training, I worked at an outpatient community clinic focusing on short-term behavioral therapies, and at a speciality clinic serving refugees, New Americans, and survivors of torture. I completed my clinical internship at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, a state psychiatric hospital in Denver serving people with psychiatric concerns and life circumstances resulting in long-term inpatient mental health care (for example: psychosis, complex trauma, chronic "treatment-resistant" mental health concerns).  I then returned to Vermont to for a postdoctoral fellowship and subsequent Staff Psychologist position at the University of Vermont Medical Center, working in the inpatient psychiatry department and primarily serving people in suicidal crisis or other acute states of distress.

I am not currently accepting new patients.

Services are billed directly (out of pocket). I am happy to submit reimbursement claims on your behalf if your insurance provider includes out of network mental health benefits. I am a Licensed Psychologist - Doctorate in Vermont (048.0134240), and Licensed Psychologist (PSY.0005483) in Colorado.

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