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Your attachment style isn’t etched in stone — it’s a skill that can be developed.

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Attachment Workshop

A 6-Week Small Group Course with Genny Rumancik of The EQ School

We approach attachment work from a growth-focused perspective; in this workshop the focus is on understanding the conditions required for relational security (secure attachment). This means taking a look at the origins of attachment and how it develops so that we can be compassionate with ourselves when we experience relational insecurity. After that, we dive deeper into what secure attachment actually looks like; what it feels like, how it shows up, and what qualities are present in those who practice secure attachment. The better we get at understanding what it looks & feels like, and the more we practice these behaviors & create these conditions in our lives, the closer we can get to earning security in our relationships.

We will teach you strategies for understanding how to use your —and others’ — insecure moves as clues to help deepen your trust in yourself as a secure relater. We explore how trauma impacts relational behaviors and comfort, so that you might better understand what’s happening in the toughest relational moments.

In this 6 week workshop, participants will be given tools to practice in a supportive environment (eight people max!), and will be given additional resources throughout the course to aid in learning.

We work together in and outside of class to:

  • Identify the conditions that allow for secure attachment take place

  • Understand attachment patterns through an intergenerational lens

  • Learn skills to better practice how to repair after a rupture

  • Identify the strategies (and their purposes) used by those with insecure attachment styles

  • Learn about relational needs & behaviors

  • Practice the qualities that will help to enhance secure attachment

Attachment Workshop: Welcome


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